About ASQ

ASQ -The Global Voice of Quality

ASQ is a community of people dedicated to improving quality across the entire spectrum of businesses, professions, communities and consumers

ASQ Vision

By making quality a global priority, a business imperative and personal ethic, ASQ becomes the community for everyone who seeks quality concepts, technology, and tools to improve themselves and their world.

ASQ: Reach and Impact

  • Largest Community of Quality Professionals
  • 150 countries
  • 65 years of growth
  • 25 Divisions/Forums
  • Certification recognized worldwide
  • Leader in quality management knowledge and information

ASQ Brand Promise

ASQ joins you with a global network of the best quality resources and experts.  You’ll find in our world the ideas and tools you need to improve yours.

ASQ’s Global Focus  

In May of 2008, the   ASQ Board of Directors embarked on a Global Transformation Initiative to create a unified presence for the Society and its members  throughout the world.

ASQ Global

ASQ Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASQ, was formed ASQ Global. The main purpose of ASQ Global is to serve members and other quality professionals outside of the USA & Canada.

ASQ Global formed to:

  • Promotes ASQ Membership and all Products and Services
  • Develops new products and services which are locally, and globally valued
  • Provides world-wide opportunities for an ASQ local presence, dedicated resources, and localized, customized products and services, using local languages, relevant content and local currency

ASQ Global Reach

 World Partners

ASQ wants to provide you with information to meet your needs in your region. We partner with 16 non-profit organizations around the world.  Those organizations are with visions and goals that are in line with those of ASQ.

Strategic Alliances:

Organizations working with ASQ Global in a cooperative effort to promote ASQ products.

Service Providers:

ASQ relies on a network of organizations across the world to provide quality products and services. These products and services are available to ASQ members, customer and other interested professionals.

Country Counsellor:

  • Member leaders in over 40 countries where Sections and IMU are not present.
  • Points of contact for members in their country.
  • Facilitate networking among members
  • Act as a liaison between ASQ in the United States and local members.